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LCD DIGITAL MICROSCOPE LED Light Source 8'' LCD Digital Microscope Model: FKE208-A with 8"LCD Resolution: 480 lines ( Sony chip ); resolution:640x480 Input voltage: 12V 220V; output voltage; Output mode: AV interface; color: color Appearance: alloy shell, the standard C interface; Working temperature: - 10 - 60 degrees; Total magnification: 7-150X; Objective: 0.7-4.5 zoom eyepiece: 0.5X; Lifting range: 270mm; handwheel focusing range: 65mm; Center distance: 25mm 140mm; column diameter; Lens interface diameter: 50mm; 355mm: total height bracket; Product features: the magnification of the microscope can be maximum 600 times, the observed area can reach more than 30mm, use convenient wait for a characteristic. The product configuration: microscope, CCD, microscope around lamp, the data line, driving disc; ORIGIN : GABY INSTRUMENTS DELIVERY : 2 WEEKS

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